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Friday, 16 January 2015

how to become a fashion designer ?, This Way

How to become a fashion designer ?

how to become a fashion designer
Activity fashion shows or fashion exhibition held by a growing number of independent organizations or even shopping centers.
This fashion events spawned many new designers who offer a variety of design styles.
Many of them were born of international fashion schools are also more and more popping up all over the world.
This then begs the question, whether professional designers really been promising today?
They are ready to enter the real fashion industry, which of course will be able to absorb a lot of labor?
rapid progress in the fashion industry is the main attraction for young people.
Because, the scope of work in the fashion industry is very broad and wide open for those who want to be involved in it.

Anyone can become a designer or industry, because when learning about the actual fashion does not have to be a designer.
Many of them (young people) who thinks only fashion school to become a designer, but it is not well, "
although many fashion school graduate new designers, it would be better if they enrich the experience prior to working on before issuing a senior designer fashion labels.

Thus, they can hone his personal branding, and knowing the target market before launching his work later.
Draw Sciences Senior Designer
Should indeed be looking for first experience by working people (senior designer). Because, many young designers who have issued their own label but a few years and then just disappeared. That's because they are not strong branding her,

profession as a designer is promising. But that should never be forgotten, the work of a designer does not stop when his work was exhibited on the stage fashion show and received applause from the audience.
Because, the task of the designer is not only design, but also in business, management, and target market properly.

It takes hard work over the years to find the right market, and ultimately produce work that is able to meet the needs of the market.
Here are the steps to become a Fashion Designer big so if you want to be a fashion designer,

how to become a fashion designer ? this teps

1. Make a list of companies or brands that sell fashion. Also write what kind of mode of each company makes. This is called "fashion category". Some examples of categories are: shoes, accessories, junior clothing, career wear. Decide what is most interesting category of your interest. Further start style file or portfolio with photographs of fashion types. If you want to add sketches, which will only add to your notebook. Also make a list of your company or brand in that category, as well as your most favorite designers and inspiring. # Keep inspiring fashion. Buy a simple cork board and pasta, pins and inspirational fashion images tactics on it. Put it in a place where you will continue to see, such as a bedroom or 'studio space' if you are interested in fashion design and has one. Buying multiple folders and files fashion magazine clippings or computer printout in it. Subscribe fashion magazines such as Vogue or Teen Vogue and stay on top of the latest trends. Keep a small book of fashion cuttings in your purse or wallet. If you are constantly surrounded by fashion inspiration, ideas will come flooding in, but remember - do not ever copy a piece of fashion. Just inspired to make your own.

2. Take an art class in drawing and sketching. Learn to draw a cloth, to understand the flow of the material (how curtains). You will begin to see the dark areas in the crease, and lighter highlighted area. If you can find an interesting class of people or "living pictures", taking as well. If you can not draw real people, start drawing from photograph. Use tracing paper to trace the images of fashion models. And then even more slender and elongated them for dramatic effect. Also learn about color, and color mixing. Know what colors look good together and how the color group assembled. Focus on the actual mode image, and enhance the body drawing.

3. Get mannequin that you can pin the fabric, or blinds to create a design to see how they will fit body. Draping is another word for cover, dress, or hanging cloth in loose folds. You can learn about this in sewing class, or through school or program mode. Also, if you want to incorporate a fashion design college, but you are not the greatest at making a sketch to add to your portfolio, always received with only your clothes pin has been designing and sewing mannequin to you and take a picture of it.

4. Learn to sew clothes. Take a class tailoring or dressmaking. Study the pattern and become familiar with sewing pattern shape. Tailoring for real people (like family and friends) so that you get familiar with the body shape and fit. Also learn about fabrics. Know what you are made of fabrics (silk cotton wool ???) And how they weave (velvet, twill, satin). And knowing the type of fabric is best for your design (rigid cloth, drapey fabrics, sheer fabric, etc.)
Making clothes for other people. You will learn a lot about dealing with customers and fit the human body in all its variations (tall, short, small or large). You also can charge money for your work.

5. Learn about fashion trends. Visit the web sites like to see what color would the world of fashion. Also try to predict what will be popular fashion in the future. Check out sites like or

6. Learn how fashion sale. Is sold in stores or online? What are the major department stores? What stores sell fashion category you are interested in? Also learn about "targeting your customer base". This means knowing the type of people who will buy your clothes.

7. Get professional training. Many a public college or trade school fashion with excellent training. Research it. See if your local school has a program in fashion. Plan to spend at least 1 to 2 years in any fashion design program. Do not feel that you have to spend a lot of money to get this training.

8. Looking for an internship. Ask the teacher or instructor about this, internship in Paris or in a home design in NYC will be a fantastic opportunity.

9. Portfolio and Resume: When you graduate, you must have the best portfolio of your work. Usually this illustration is of a category that you are interested in finding a job entry A good portfolio should hold all of your sketch and then you will be able to have an interview and show your design to the interviewer. A good size for the portfolio is 14 "x 17".

10. First work. Think about your first job 'as a graduate school. You are not going to be the chief designer, but you will be working for him. It will work hard, long hours, and many times interesting. When you work, you will move up the career ladder, working in various positions and gain valuable industry experience. A professional designer has a great responsibility, and experienced only one qualified to take on tasks.

11. Sketches and designs. Start at home with a sketch of your clothes down some ideas on a piece of paper and keep it in a special folder or picture books. Keep editing it up just right and exploring with color. Be creative sketches, every day, and watch "Project Runway."

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jaket Parka pada jaman dulu - Parka Jacket History

jaket parka

Jaket parka adalah jenis mantel dengan tutup kepala yang sering dilapisi dengan bulu atau bulu palsu yang sering di gunakan orang kutub.
bulu dan tutup kepala tersebut berfungsi untuk melindungi kepala dan wajah dari suhu dingin agar tidak merasa beku dan angin.

kulit dan kain yang di bakai itu sangat menentukan kualitas jaket atau parka, awalnya parka dibuat dari karibu atau kulit yang sangat tebal,
kulit yang di gunakan adalah kulit beruang,memang kulit beruang yang berbulu di percaya bisa mencegah mereka dari kebekuan pada saat itu.
dan jaket parka ini biasanya di gunakan untuk berburu untuk berburu dan melindungi diri dari cuaca dingin yang sangat extreme.
Beberapa parka yang terbuat dari kulit harus di olesi minyak ikan untuk menjaga kadar airnya agar terasa lentur dan tidak kaku saat di pakai.

Baca juga ya artikel : Jaket jeans levis untuk pria dan wanita terbaru

dengan bergantinya waktu dan jaman kini jaket parka banyak mengalami perubahan karena bukan hanya kegunaannya sebagai pakaian untuk menahan angin dan hawa dingin,
tetapi pada saat ini jaket parka juga menjadi salah satu model fashion yang sangat popular. pada jaman sekarang sangaat banyak sekali model parka yang beredar di kalangan masarakat.
sampai di kota saya ( bandung ) jaket parka sangan popular untuk kalangan anak muda.

dengan demikian jaket parka pada jaman sekarang kebanyakan memakai bahan cotton agar supaya bisa di pakai selain untuk menghangatkan badan juga sebagai penunjang penampilan seseorang.
kalau dulu bahan parka itu di buat dari kulit hewan yang berbulu juga biasanya dikarenakan sering di olesi minyak ikan jaket parka pada jaman dulu menjadi tahan air.
oh iya teman teman, kata parka itu berasal dari bahasa Nenets,yang berada di kepulauan Aleutian yang berarti kulit binatang.
dan kata parka itu sendiri baru pertama kali memasuki catatan kamus besar bahasa Inggris di tahun 1625 yang di buat oleh Samuel Purchas.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Jaket jeans levis untuk pria dan wanita

Jaket jeans untuk pri dan wanita tidak mengalami perubahan model yang sangat banyak dari model sebelumnya, terkadang orang lebih memilih jaket jeans yang memang mempunyai model 80an.
jaket jeans levis untuk pria dan wanita

dan sekarang jaket jeans menjadi popular kembali bukan hanya di kalangan pecinta jeans, anak muda sekarang juga sungguh sangat menyukai jaket jeans untuk menunjang style penampilan mereka.

apalagi di kota saya ini ( bandung ) lagi musim banget anak muda yang suka gaul memakai jaket jeans,

di kalangan artis juga kini menjadi popular kembali seperti cinta laora, ariel, bruno mars, nidji dll

baca juga artikel :  distributor celana jeans termurah dibandung

mereka sangat keren dengan jaket jeans yang mereka kenakan, jaket jeans memang bisa di mix dengan baju apapun dan celana apapun. munkin yang harus di perhatikan adalah warnanya saja jangan sampai ada warna yang nabrak ya teman teman, nanti malah ga enak di pandang.

sekarang juga sudah banyak jaket jeans dengan berbahan jeans strecth jadi ga kaku saat di pakai walaupun modelnya yang mengikuti lekuk tubuh, jaket jeans seperti ini biasanya untuk wanita.
agar wanita nyaman memakai jeans.

sekian dulu ya ... semoga bermanfaat ..